Nude Body Figures


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Artwork material: print on natural canvas

Artwork size: 30x40cm (11.81″ x 15.75″ inches)

Artist: Benjamin Goldwing

Both male and female nude depictions are common in antiquity. Depictions of the naked body have often been used in symbolic ways, as an extended metaphor for complex and multifaceted concepts. The artist has used nudity to bring out the virtues of valor, bravery, courage in case of male nudes and the qualities of beauty, coyness, and fertility in case of female nudes. The bare body shown in the painting conveys the message that it’s not the clothing that defines you, it’s the soul that defines the beauty of a human.

Nude men represent martyrs and warriors, emphasizing an active role rather than a passive one. And female nude depicts softness and beauty. Nudity in art – painting has generally reflected social standards of the time in aesthetics modesty.

The painter has beautifully shown the curves of the human body with a blend of white and black color. This piece of artwork is going to enhance the allure and attractiveness of your room. Make it yours.