Aquarius-The Water Sign


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Artwork material: print on natural canvas

Artwork size: 30x40cm (11.81″ x 15.75″ inches)

Artist: Benjamin Goldwing

The symbolic emblem of Aquarius is the water bearer, who kneels as he pours forth his offering of water in an act of modest service.Aquarius is in many ways the forgotten ‘water sign’, with its name simply meaning ‘related to water’, and much of its symbolic signification emerging from the water bearer’s act of libation.

The blue color in the painting represents water. The artist has used the blue color and it is the color of the sky and sea. Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body.

A water bearer is pouring water and the free-flowing water-symbolism of Aquarius bears no relation to the heavily pregnant ocean of the psyche as portrayed by the signs of the water triplicity; for in libation the Aquarian seeks only to cleanse, illuminate and purify.

Painter has made an attempt to portray aquarians in a beautiful way. Buy this as it is one of the amazing creations.