Capricorn Aquatic Spill


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Artwork material: print on natural canvas

Artwork size: 30x40cm (11.81″ x 15.75″ inches)

Artist: Benjamin Goldwing

The artwork has a lot of luminous azure depicting the sign of the Capricorn, a sea-goat beneath the ocean. Capricorn is considered as the most mysterious and enigmatic sign of the zodiac. The creature with forelimbs of a goat and attached with a tail of a fish itself represents the cross of a matter between the manifestation of the material and the psyche, drawing the soul out of its collective stupor to confront the challenges of reality and individualism. The ocean relates to the instinctive wisdom, secrets, and knowledge. Capricorn bearing only the tail of an aquatic animal has a head that is free from thoughts that are not logical and unreasonable.

Being grounded as well as practical is what sets them apart from others. However, sometimes they have inner conflicts being oppressive at times which frequently is confused with insensitivity depicted by the black wave in the artwork. Do you have a friend who often thinks too hard about themselves? Here’s a perfect gift for them.