Arrow of Sagittarius in Yellow color


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Artwork material: print on natural canvas

Artwork size: 30x40cm (11.81″ x 15.75″ inches)

Artist: Benjamin Goldwing

As Sagittarius is a fire sign among all of the zodiac signs, the painter has created this piece of artwork with a bright yellow colour which distinctly represents the fire that burns within themselves. Just like a fire can keep you warm, it can cause a great deal of destruction as well. A single spark can set off a forest fire, which makes us nurture and manage them very carefully. Fire often represents passion, dynamic and a lot of energy.

The sign constantly searches fuel to stimulate them. Those influenced by fire are usually creative and manifest itself in creating unique ideas. The colour also symbolises positivity, intellect, and freshness which thoroughly describes a Sagittarius.

The arrow in the artwork pointing upwards shows their need to elevate their spiritual soul where the horsemen and the horse leave their physical body behind while the soul is free to transform itself into the other world. Hurry up and buy this artwork to show the fieriness to you.